How do you know if married man you’re having an affair with will ever leave their wife?

affairIn my experience as a psychic when men choose to end a long term marriage/relationship there is often another woman somewhere in the picture.  Of course there are always exceptions but in my psychic readings I  rarely find situations where men choose to leave the unhappy but comfortable set up to just live on their own.  At some juncture of their lives another woman comes along and the connection and comfort of that new person is compelling enough to go through the discomfort and stress of leaving their long term partner and often breaking up a family home.

At the same time there are men who get involved with another woman outside the marriage but for various reasons never end up leaving their wife.  For the person involved with a married man they’re faced with that question of which one are they? Is what they have real enough, strong enough and is the timing right for that person to leave his wife? Or is the person you’re involved with never going to leave no matter what.  Now despite sincere advice from the friends telling you “Never to get involved with a married man, because they will never leave their wife” the truth is many men do leave their wives, it is no longer socially unacceptable for people to divorce. So it’s not unrealistic to think the person you are involved with will leave his wife.

At the same time I know from my readings there are men who really are just having an affair and have no intention at any point of ever leaving their wife, regardless of what they promise.  To help you work out which one is which here are 7 signs a person s “less likely” to leave their wife. These of course are just indicators, as I have used the words “less likely” there will always been exceptions to the rule but overall if you experience any of the signs below it is not a great omen whatever way you look at it.

1)      They refuse to or are unwilling ever to speak about their wife. This way they ensure from the start the possibility, probability or mere notion of them leaving never even gets discussed.  From the start their moods and emotions let you know that talking about their marriage is “no go” topic. This lack of openness on one hand avoids them facing their own guilt, but at the same time it’s a way of separating the two worlds they have created.

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